Emil Kahr

Emil Kahr hails from Denmark and is currently based in New York. He is continually refining his evocative cinematic style and adapting it to various projects. Always looking for epic narratives that challenge and engage the senses.

Emil has directed a spectrum of highly visual short films and commercials with agencies across the US, Europe and Middle East for brands like HTC, Flexjet, Mubadala and Mazda, earning accolades, shortlists and recognition from several festivals including Cannes Lions, YDA Awards, Aesthetica Festival and Shots Magazine.

Emil likes to work in the style of the European auteur filmmakers, taking projects from inception through editorial, collaborating on the concepts with agency creatives. He frequently cuts spots himself and works hands-on with the visual effects.

His words: “I always try to add a bit of my Scandinavian sensibility and give the film peculiar mood with a subtle touch of magic. Elements that moves us emotionally and makes a more memorable spot.”

Emil is a priority director with Big Kahuna Films in the Middle East.

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