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A Space That Changes With You

July 17, 2021

BIG KAHUNA FILMS worked alongside Memac Ogilvy Dubai to produce a campaign for their client IKEA. The campaign creates the idea that life is constantly transitioning, whether it’s for better or for worse, change is constant. The piece shows that our lives would be much simpler if we accepted that something different is always around the corner, and we adapted easily and stylishly with it. Ikea demonstrates that despite the constant transitions, the household items we once loved are changing with us, yet we always maintain a feeling of home and sanctuary throughout our journey. The brand is a creative, adaptable, sensible solution to this ever-changing world. Hence, “make your home a space that changes with you.”

The shoot took place over a 2-day period in Dubai. The whole commercial was shot in a studio, with 7 different sets built uniquely for IKEA, featuring all their products. The story emphasizes real life situations. Whether it be having relatives over to visit, a lack of privacy, failed relationships or even a new family, most viewers can relate, in some way, to the scenes displayed.

Mohamed Fathi, aka Shank, directed the piece, with Victor Credi the appointed Director of Photography. Shank is an Egyptian director who started his career as a graphic designer and progressed to one of the region’s most sought out directors. He carries a distinct visual style and portrays a unique sense of humor that is reflected in his work.

Take a look at the campaign below: