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Toyota Ramadan

April 30, 2022

BIG KAHUNA FILMS worked alongside Service Plan to create a campaign for Abdul Latif Jameel Motors and Toyota. The shoot took place in Saudi Arabia over a 2-night period, featuring the range of Toyota cars, whilst celebrating a family gathering during Ramadan. It’s a dynamic piece, with a comical twist.

The campaign was Directed by Omar El Zohairy, an award-winning Egyptian director. He focuses on enhancing the audience’s essence of perception to build a bridge that will connect his audience and the characters in his films. For the campaign he created visual comedy, and juxtapositions between the characters. The situations were hilarious, but not so far-fetched. The use of brilliant visuals alongside human spirit made the advert warm and relatable.

Deadpan comedy was used to bring attention to Toyota cars and their functionality, supported by amazing acting, which made casting extremely important.

The campaign was unique yet exciting. Take a look here: