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Age of Despair

December 20, 2020

BKF worked alongside BBDO to create a campaign for Tena “The Age of Despair”.

This is the Arabic term for menopause, which currently has a lot of negative connotations for older women. A large majority of women in Saudi Arabia believe the term should be changed. The idea was to reinvent the translation of the word menopause and to show that as women grow older, they become the best versions of themselves. Rather than reaching an age of “despair”, it is actually an age of reflection, creativity, movement, wisdom, renewal, confidence and becoming yourself.

Camila Cornelsen, based in Brazil, was the talented Director and Cinematographer for this piece. What made this shoot unique was the fact that all the main crew (including the production team, artistic team leaders, assistant directors, art director and wardrobe stylist) were all women. Camila requested this as the subject is very feminine and personal, and she wanted to ensure all the empathy and care was in place to tell the story.