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Colgate Shoot

September 23, 2020

BKF produced an equity campaign for Colgate, over a three-week period in July. The shoot took place in Dubai. A light-hearted commercial, showing snippets of challenges each protagonist faces in life. We uncover how the strength of a smile may help to overcome and conquer them. It portrays the message that; if we answer life's difficulties and uncertainties with optimism, and smile despite self-doubt, we are able to achieve everything.

Ali Mostafa, a feature-film British/Emirati, directed the shoot. His strong attribute is establishing powerful connections with the actors, allowing him to capture their authentic performances. His work is emotional, relatable and known to be shaped from real life stories.

BKF committed to shooting 3 films, in 2 days. This was also challenging, particularly with the added pressures of the pandemic. We had to take extra safety and hygiene measures to ensure everyone on set was safe and healthy. We also only allowed essential crew to be there. However, despite the pressures, great planning and foreseeing difficulties prior to the production phase enabled our team to complete the project on schedule.