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Deliveroo Presents Ramadan

April 2, 2021

BIG KAHUNA FILMS teamed up with ‿ and us to produce a campaign for Deliveroo. The campaign was adapted from “Food. We Get It. ”to “Deliveroo Presents Ramadan”, with a particular focus on the various flavors within the region, in which the delivery application refines and honors the best-loved dishes of the residents in the UAE.

The shoot took place in Beirut, Lebanon over a 2-day period. Deliveroo have created several initiatives to support the Lebanese Community this last year, and this is one of them! There are two separate films to make up the campaign. Firstly, the Lebanese film, which captures intimate moments and human interaction, it features loved ones gathering to enjoy meals together. Whereas the Ramadan films’ focal point is the food itself. Both films convey authenticity, originality and real-life moments. The viewers feel the journey of cooking and the passion and love that goes into it.

Lana Sennawy directed the piece with Ahmed Tahoun as the Director of Photography. Lana is an Egyptian director whose films are known to have a distinctive aesthetic and a mood that is instantly recognizable with a choice of angles and camera language that tells the story from a unique perspective.

Take a look at the campaign here: