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Go All In

January 6, 2021

A young and talented director, Angelo Cerisara, worked alongside BKF to produce a film for And_Us and their client Hardees. The shoot took place in Lebanon at the end of November 2020. As the world knows, Lebanon has been facing many difficulties over the past decade, particularly in the last year. Not only has there been a revolution against the current regime, but also an economical crash, huge explosion and a pandemic. With all these things combined, the shoot was much more of a challenge than usual for the team.

Hardee’s story revolves around asteroid burgers falling onto planet earth. Different characters are shown, each time eating a burger. They all display a lot of attitude and confidence, whilst in different scenarios.

Some of the scenes were challenging for production. For instance, the girl standing on the top of a moving truck, an explosion inside a supermarket whilst the talents remained calm and in focus. The shoot was scheduled around the rainy season, meaning preparation and quick solutions had to be found where necessary.  The campaign definitely stands out. The right crew members in all departments were on set and created a unified and harmonious visual language.