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February 3, 2022

BIG KAHUNA FILMS, together with FP7 McCann, produced a campaign for Homecentre. The shoot lasted 1 day and was located in Dubai. The campaign highlights Homecentre’s furniture line, through a humorous story filled with embarrassing tension.

Everyone’s familiar with the feeling of trying to be a good host, trying to keep things perfect, but being one step away from an embarrassing disaster. The story consists of Ahmed inviting his CEO to his home, for dinner. The pressure is on for everything to be immaculate. Surprisingly, Ahmed’s family arrive, new furniture is found, and the dinner becomes chaotic. However, the “not-so-perfect” dinner, turns out to be a success. Creating the idea that our homes are as big as our hearts.

Janis Nords, award winning Latvian Film Director, created the piece. He took a different approach and avoided use of dialogue but captured comedy through the VO and casts' facial expressions. The success heavily lied in the casts ability to be expressive yet not theatrical. They had the ability to carry emotions from; embarrassment, to pride, to amusement, to laughter. Giving a secret peek into other people’s minds.

The camera maintained tight and controlled movements, using low and high angle setups with the occasional push-in to accentuate the characters reactions for vital points of the story. This was then followed by a freewheeling approach, employing a flowing hand-held camera and wider lenses, allowing viewers to feel as though they are inside the hustle and bustle of the scene, rather than observing it.

Here's the campaign: