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Millionaire Savings

January 28, 2021

Bidding started in 2019, then was interrupted by Covid, but finally BKF, BBDO and ADCB worked together over the course of three weeks for this project. The main purpose of the shoot was to promote ADCB Millionaire Savings Accounts, simultaneously increasing brand awareness. It consisted of 3 TVC’s; 3 stories about 3 different people who won the million Dirhams ADCB were offering, whilst showing us how these people used their money to help the society, along with their families and personal dreams. The films are inspired by stories of real ADCB winners. The campaign elevates and amplifies the winners’ stories of what was done with the prize money, and the impact it had on their lives. The idea of the campaign is “it’s what you do with a million that makes it count”.

The shoot was directed by Vytas Chlebinskas. He always strives to capture the little moments and interactions that make the film visually expressive, emotional and natural. He approaches his films with a natural esthetic and authentic cinematography.

The clients knew exactly what they wanted. Which helped the experience run smoothly and enabled every single detail to be focused on and brain-stormed alongside the director, in order to deliver the best for the films, which had a documentary-like approach, given that they are inspired by real stories. They had to feel natural, with the director aiming to capture authentic expressions from the talents to convey necessary emotions.

All in all, it was a great production. Take a look…