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Make Every Day Sweeter

October 13, 2021

BIG KAHUNA FILMS and Wunderman Thompson created a campaign for Almarai Gishta. The shoot took place over a 3-day period in Milan. It’s a truly cinematic experience for the audience, with high visuals and an impactful story that conveys the quality, richness and taste appeal of Gishta. The film focuses on the product by revealing the multiple possibilities it offers, sweetening every dish in a unique way.

Jean-Paul Frenay, based in Belgium, was the appointed Director. He has a clear dedication to visual storytelling, his work is always shapeshifting. He takes every project as a new challenge to re-invent himself, merging every aspect of his skills to create a unique vision and explore beyond boundaries.

Dynamic camera movements and special lenses were used creating unique points of views. Bouncing between Gishtas’ rich texture, capturing epic moments transitioning from scene to scene. Aesthetic shots and warm lighting created a “closer than life” feel, allowing imagery to be conveyed with magic. The presence of human touch was there through the subtle use of hands.

Cleverly cutting fast between shots opened the viewers senses by elevating the notion of sight, smell, taste, hear and touch. The aim was to connect viewers to their subconscious appetite.

Take a look at the campaign below: