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Sadia's Broasted Range

July 16, 2021

BIG KAHUNA FILMS worked with IMPACT BBDO to produce a campaign for their client Sadia. The campaign consisted of two separate films, with an entertaining, light-hearted and humorous approach taken for both. The first film has a comical twist and highlights the Broasted range’s quality and taste, based on young adults’ standards when it comes to fried chicken. The second film playfully showcases the imagination and expectations of chicken for children and how unbelievable the new flavors and various shapes in Sadia’s Chef Range tastes and looks.

Production took place in Beirut, Lebanon over a 2-day period during summer. The talents were flown in for the shoot and displayed great facial expressions to bring each situation to life. There were various locations used for the shoot including schools, restaurants and villas.

The campaign was Directed by Amr El Haddad, with Yves Sehnaoui as the Director of Photography. Amr is one of the region’s most awarded and acclaimed Creative Directors, starting his career over 15 years ago. His creative work is known to capture insightful situations supported with big ideas and concepts. His imaginative way creates stories that build brands and reach consumers. His unique style brought a playful twist whilst increasing Sadia’s brand awareness.

Take a look at the campaign below: