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Saudi Arabia Ministry of Tourism Brand Campaign

April 6, 2020

Undiscovered Places

BKF, through DDB Dubai, partnered with the Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia to produce their brand campaign for the 2nd consecutive year. The first campaign aimed to showcase the beauty of the country’s landscapes. The new campaign dived in deeper by exhibiting the emotional experiences that an individual goes through during their profound journey in the kingdom.

This year’s shoot took place over 7 different cities, within a 5-week schedule, and required a large number of international crew and talents flying in from around the world. It aimed to portray Saudi Arabia as an untouched, unseen, unheard, undiscovered place, that will incite tourists to be the first ones able to experience the culture, history and beauty.

A Profound Journey

The director, Jason Bock, likes to twist concepts and visuals to create an unorthodox form of storytelling with his work displaying a strong emphasis on aesthetics. He has a passion for travel, which made him gravitate towards projects that take him around the world. Jason was joined by Simon Duggan, an Australian-New Zealand award winning and well-known worldwide cinematographer, who is best known for his work on “The Great Gatsby” “300: Rise of the Empire” and “Hacksaw Ridge”.

COVID-19 created major challenges for the production team. Talents were suddenly unable to fly from specific countries, which caused BKF to respond proactively. New talents were sought and secured, ensuring the quality of the production was not compromised. A tight schedule was set, and extra safety measures were put in place to ensure the production ran smoothly and as planned.
Take a look at the campaign below: