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Sun&Sand Sports

February 28, 2022

BIG KAHUNA FILMS created a campaign for Sun&Sand Sports, with FP7 McCann. The shoot took place in Dubai over a 3-day period, with the film reflecting the brand itself; cool, sporty and stylish. It’s an engaging and memorable piece, that gets the viewers smiling. After all, the goal of great advertising is not to convince people, but to make them feel something.

Directed by Blake Farber, a self-taught New York City film maker, he has shot various projects in over 30 countries. He began his career at the young age of 16, having grown up in a household with both parents as photographers. Being a musician himself, he blends both the visual medium with his musical background to create exciting fresh films.

For this campaign, Blake’s focus is to showcase an entertainment factor, human connection, humor and absurd yet realistic scenes. The POV of the camera is to address the target audience on an eye-to-eye level. It is handheld throughout the shoot, capturing reaction shots, mess ups, stumbles, hesitations and “fun but not-so-pretty” moments...  

The campaign is energetic and maintains accordance between the various scenes. It was a fun, active and lively shoot.

Take a look at the campaign below: