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The Power of Light

December 28, 2020

BKF produced a campaign for FP7 McCann and GMC Yukon, over a 3-day period in October 2020.

Directed by Nico Kreis, who made sure the advert stands out by being lyrical, genuine, and captivating. It’s a moment of magic in the real world.

The Yukon is known for its capability and luxury across the Middle East. Poems have been written about it for decades, hence the campaign mainly revolving around their classical versus. The Power of Light concept shows power and light in two different ways. The light, shining directly from the vehicle itself, and the power portrayed via speed, boldness and independence. The Yukon is seen as a master of the road.

A lot of research was done to ensure the right poet spoke for the voice over. Also, the music was composed by a very renowned DJ, called Anders. He created and mixed Arabic poetry with house music. The piece turned out to be beautiful, exactly as it was imagined.

However, one of the main challenges with the production, was that it was shot during the night. To capture the beauty of a black car, on a dark night, was always going to be difficult. It was hugely important to show the light reflections on the car, organically, and to ensure the correct environments for the light effect were there before being added in post-production. The choreography between the car, the light and the camera had to be completely in sync. Which it was. Take a look: