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Thirty Days of Beautiful

April 12, 2022

BIG KAHUNA FILMS alongside And Us created a campaign for Splash to showcase their brand. The shoot took place in Dubai over a 4-day period. The Fashion Film is simple, aspirational, and relatable to everyday people. There’s an idea behind it, it aims to tell us what the label really is. As Ramadan is the most important time of the year to many, the campaign delves into “Thirty Days of Beautiful.”

The piece is Directed by Paula Martin-Ferro, a Madrid-based filmmaker who is known for her stylish work and attention to detail. She uses natural light and modern framing, creating space around the cast to build the viewers sensation. The simplicity of the cast walking across the desert gives their bodies narrative, dynamism and rhythm. The use of wide shots and slow motion, across the piece, subtly focuses on the brands finer details. The selection of the cast was extremely important, they demonstrate an attitude of empowerment.

Take a look at the campaign below: