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Yas Island Theme-Park

February 24, 2021

During February, BKF teamed up with Momentum to create a campaign for Yas Theme Park in Abu Dhabi. The purpose of the shoot was to promote the new annual pass benefits that are being offered, in a catchy and entertaining way. There was a soulful song specifically created to highlight the benefits that the new face pass can bring to families, performed by 3 divas who danced around the venue, showcasing the various attractions at the theme park.

The campaign was directed by Samuel Abrahams. He is a BAFTA and Webby nominated director, who has shot films across drama, documentary and TV commercials. He’s also a musician and really enjoys working with musical concepts, which was hugely important for this piece. His background indirecting several choreographed films from television promotions such as Strictly Come Dancing, and TV commercials such as Michael Bublé Fragrance, amongst others, truly enabled him to bring out the musical, theatrical and broadway aspect of the Yas commercial.

Preparation for the shoot took two weeks, with two days of shooting, and two weeks allocated for post-production. We had to ensure a particular deadline was met so the campaign could be aired promptly, meaning time management was a key element for this particular project. Production teams had to be split whilst on set to cover more than one area at a time. Overall, the team thoroughly enjoyed producing this campaign. Take a look: