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Yas Winterfest

December 24, 2021

BKF teamed up with Momentum to create a spectacular campaign for Yas Island Theme Park, Abu Dhabi - “Winterfest”. The shoot took place over a 2-day period at the theme-park itself and tells a story from a child’s eye view showcasing the magic surrounding the festive season.

Our hero was a little girl, who demonstrated the joy and wonder children experience thanks to the magic of the holiday season. Using one cast, especially of a young age, highlights the importance of their performance during the shoot. She was spectacular and brought the campaign to life, making the film feel real and allowing us to see ourselves and our family within her.

A snowflake, with a personality of its own, appears at moments to take the young girl around the theme park, showing the various amenities Yas Island has to offer. The cinematography brings a movie style to the commercial, allowing viewers to feel as though they are already there, floating through the scenes. The musical is magical, with the drums, laughs and applauses all audible, adding that festive touch.

The campaign was Directed by Samuel Bennetts, who’s award winning work is focused on making an idea true to itself. He creates films that affect people and are emotionally driven, making the audience look at the world differently. He wanted to be a director since he was a little kid himself. Today, he lives in Los Angeles and creates films, commercials, music videos and video installations that inspire and move audiences.

Take a look at the campaign below: